Maharashtra HSC Exams 2021: Is the state waiting for CBSE’s decision on 12th Board Exams? Latest Updates

Maharashtra HSC Exams 2021 decision is still awaited. Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, MSBSHSE SSC Exams or Class 10 exams have already been cancelled. As for the Maharashtra HSC Exams 2021, the state government has not made any announcement as yet.

With decision on CBSE 12th Board Exams 2021 also pending, is the state government waiting for CBSE’s decision before announcing its? Here’s what we know so far.

In the latest, Maharashtra Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad has shared that the decision on the board exams would be announced within a week. She also informed that a meeting would be held with the Chief Minister before any final decisions are taken. Does CBSE play a role in the process?

CBSE 12th Board Exams 2021 – latest news

The Central Government on Sunday had called for a high level meeting to discuss the pending 12th Board Examinations. While the decision regarding various state boards is left with the respective states, the central government stated that decision on CBSE has to be collaborative as students of the board are in each state of the country.

No announcement regarding CBSE Class 12 examinations was announced. The board, however, shared 2 options for conducting the examination in July. State Education Ministers were largely in favour of conducting the examinations.

Gaikwad, however, raised health and safety concerns and suggested a ‘no exam route’ of assessment. Final feedback of the states is to be submitted to the Ministry of Education by May 25. Final decision on CBSE Board Exams is expected by June 1.

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Maharashtra HSC Exams 2021 – what Education Minister said

Speaking to media, Varsha Gaikwad yesterday shared that health and safety of the students should be the priority. On conducting board exams, she urged the center to consider a no-exam route.

“Since most professional courses  hold entrance exams for admissions, many EXPERTS are of the view that it is possible to evaluate performance of a class 12th student based on a retroactive assessment model,” she said.

Speaking on the plight of the students, she said that present Class 12 students have been in the grade for nearly 14 months now and are anxious. She asked that the government should quickly resolve the concerns and make an announcement to remove the uncertainty regarding the exams.

With the statement, she made it extremely clear that she was not in favour of conducting the Class 12 examinations. With this, many students are now wondering why has no decision been taken on Maharashtra 12th Board Examinations as yet?

Why CBSE’s decision matters

CBSE Board, the largest national board, continues to be the standard. While no state board is required to follow the central board, the fact that CBSE is spread across the country makes it difficult to ignore.

In this situation, if CBSE was to conduct the exam, cancelling Maharashtra HSC Exams would have a direct impact on the future of the children. Not only would it spell concerns for students who are applying for same university, etc., it would also create inequality within the state.

With nearly 1.5 lakh students from Maharashtra in CBSE board, and another 16 lakh in Maharashtra HSC Board – how would higher universities evaluate? Not just CBSE, if one state was to conduct and the other to cancel, it may have direct ramifications over the careers of many.

Furthermore, it may be pointed out that Maharashtra Government had initially postponed the SSC or Class 10 examinations. The decision was revised to cancellation only after CBSE announced its decision to cancel Class 10 Board Exams.

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