Editorial Guidelines

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Skool2Coll.com is a product of Badbola News Services. The mission of the website is to act in public interest and provide its audience information relevant to the field of education, career and personal development. The website aims to act as an impartial news provider with key interest in the domains specified. The purpose is to provide high quality and relevant information regarding the various government schemes, admissions, examinations, results, university policies and career options and choices. It’s purpose is education – from school to college and beyond.

Mission Statement

To provide impartial news and information in regards education and career choices to help students and job seekers make informed decisions.


To become a one stop center for information that caters to the need of people of all ages.

Editorial Guidelines


True and reliable information is the cornerstone of all the editorial standards. While the website maintains the tenets of right to freedom of expression, it also accepts the responsibility of mindful reporting.

While the audience has the right to creative material, it is imperative to report in a manner that is conscious and respectful to all. The responsibility of the site if first to the audience, the laws of the land and to our contributors.


Skool2Coll.com operates in public interest within the domain related to education, career, general awareness, science, student life and health and finances. News and reports is from verified official sources and trusted reporter channels. Special features and pieces are from experts in the domain with years of experience in their respective subject matters. To ensure accuracy

Material is collected from first-hand sources and resources available in public domain

Facts, statistics and authenticity of the content is verified by means of documentary evidence as well as digital material.

Opinions, whether relevant from subject matter experts are used to give perspective to the information provided.


The content is curated for information purposes and maintains the strict impartial aspect towards the matter. The reporting in truthful, unbiased and impartial. Opinions, where shared, are based on facts and information gathered with due process and research, verified and validated.

Fairness to Contributors and Consent

We are committed to be fair to our contributors and treat them with utmost honesty. The principle remains of informed consent where int the contributors are in possession of the knowledge required to make informed decisions in regards the content. Information may be withheld in case the same is in larger public interest or not permitted by law.

Reports and news regarding some public figures may be published without their knowledge or consent. This may include their videos, correspondence, or photographs as well as quote. The endeavour in such instances is to ensure a fair and accurate portrayal of the people in question as well as a respect for their privacy.


Our editorial ethics dictate the safeguard of an individual’s privacy at all levels. The website also conforms to the rules of the land in view of storing any private information that might be shared on the website.

In terms of reporting, while freedom of expression is a right all enjoy, it is also our moral obligation to protect the vulnerable groups of people. In respect to the same, the editorial guidelines respects the privacy and only the information that may be in the larger interest of the public so as to outweigh the individual’s personal expectations of privacy are made record of the public domain.

Independence from Influence

As an independent publisher, we are not limited or influenced by outside interests and arrangements that might be detrimental out our editorial integrity.